Outsourced accounting – internal calmness

HR and payroll

We offer the following payroll services:

  • preparing payrolls for all forms of employment and remuneration,
  • keeping remuneration records,
  • determining advance monthly personal income tax payments and preparing annual returns PIT-4R, PIT-8A, PIT-11, PIT-40,
  • comprehensive settlement services with Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych:
  • premium calculation, preparing and sending social insurance statement,
  • preparing social insurance registration and deregistration forms,
  • preparing RMUA reports,
  • preparing ZUS Z-3 certificates.
We offer the following HR services:

  • keeping employees’ records,
  • advice on settlement of cash and non-cash benefits for employees (equivalents, company cars, etc.),
  • current reports on holidays taken by individual employees,
  • monitoring of dates of employees’ periodic health examinations,
  • monitoring of dates of obligatory occupational health and safety training for employees,
  • keeping other HR documents in accordance with the Labour Law and principles of tax settlements,
  • co-operation with a company offering occupational health and safety training.

We also provide help in preparing documents for control authorities as well as clarifying any variances and making adjustments in case of ZUS’s investigation.